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The ABC’s of Designing a Commercial Landscape Garden

The ABC’s of Designing a Commercial Landscape Garden

A beautifully designed, well-planned landscape garden is the natural companion to the built environment, softening and enhancing the space. Continuity between a building and its environment is central to innovative landscape design, and when a landscaping team get this right, a whole world of energy is unlocked.


Directing funds towards a garden environment may not be at the top of the priority list for many commercial site holders. With so many advances in interior design and large amounts of time spent indoors, the importance of a building’s surrounds may seem redundant. However, this is far from true. It is, in fact, more important than ever to nurture the natural surrounds in urban settings.


Sustainable, affordable and stunning gardens can be achieved with a professional team such as Paradise Landscapes. Serving the Auckland business community for 23 years, we have all the experience as well as inspiration that just keeps growing.


How Commercial Landscapes Work

There are many variables where commercial properties are concerned and as such, no one size fits all approach. Rather, careful planning around what your existing building its surroundings contributes is the best way forward.


How your property looks can influence customer perceptions on the level of service or the quality of the product you are marketing.


Continuity with Business Philosophy

The key aesthetics of your business can be comprehensively expressed through the right choice of plants and garden features and this is an inspiring part of the planning process. If your premises draw energy from a sleek modern business aesthetic, a tidy landscape with sustainable low-fuss natives can create a feeling of efficiency and professionalism.


Premises that centre on community activity with a consistent amount of foot traffic can extend an invitation to customers with welcoming flowers, clear pathways, and considerate gestures such as an outdoor seating area.



A good landscape designer will consider the practical features of your entrance and plan accordingly. Visibility of signage and access to parking pathways are essential to the functioning of your business and foliage must never compromise these.



Once you have invested in the beautification of your surrounds, keeping the areas nourished and cared for will ensure you maintain the desired effect. A well-planned garden won’t need constant pestering but be sure to discuss maintenance needs with your landscaper so you can take the right action where it is most needed.


Where to Begin

Designing a commercial landscape is a careful, conscientious process. Consulting with a landscape designer will start to break down the task in your mind, making it less overwhelming. The design doesn’t need to be complicated or extravagant. Much can be done affordably with the right selection of plants, borders, and design elements.


Creating an inviting natural setting for your commercial premises says so much to your customers. Landscaping communicates to the outside world that you appreciate and relate to both your natural past and the future of communities and the environment. For more information Contact Paradise Landscapes today.


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