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Landscaping for your front and back yard with plants that thrive

Our experienced landscape contractors ensure that you have the right plant, in the right place, in your garden

Avoid wasting money buying plants not suited to your garden. Paradise Landscapes take the guesswork out by drawing upon our horticultural knowledge to  choose the right plant for each spot in your garden as part of our garden design. Plants that are well suited to their site will establish quickly, develop a healthy root system and are more likely to thrive.

We can save you money by supplying garden plants for sale in bulk at wholesale prices

Paradise Landscapes can supply all your plants and shrubs AND install them for you, for less than you can buy them. We also deliver plants at no extra cost together with soils, compost, and bark if required.

We can supply shrubs, natives, trees, perennials, annuals, groundcover, seasonal bulbs, turf and artificial lawn at wholesale prices.

Soil preparation for success
Before tree, shrub or flower planting we always prepare the site first. We mark out the planting hole spacing and dig the appropriate size hole before nourishing the soil and placing the plant in its new home. We generally install weed matt to inhibit weed growth and to help retain moisture around the root ball. Expect a visit or two from us after installation as we like to check that every plant is thriving and growing vigorously.

Take a look at our garden landscape design projects and then give us a call to get started on your project and discuss landscaping costs.

Our team can help source everything from:






Seasonal bulbs

Turf & artificial lawns

And much more!

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