Shannon - Paradise Landscapes

Shannon - Paradise Landscapes

Inspirations for a Natural Outside Play Area

Creating a modern play area involves a lot of planning. Contemporary children’s play areas have more than the humble swing and slide. They feature gigantic space nets, trampolines, sand pits, water fountains, and beautiful sculptural elements. These playgrounds stimulate the imagination and encourage children to participate in new and challenging activities. They give kids the perfect opportunity to exercise the mind and the body.

While many outdoor play areas have manmade play equipment, few of them feature items made from natural materials. These natural play areas are equally exciting, giving children the opportunity to discover and learn new things.

Features of a Natural Outdoor Playground:

  • A natural playground has to be safe, comfortable, cognitively challenging and visually appealing.
  • It should utilise space efficiently.
  • The playground should be able to engage kids for a few hours.
  • It could feature separate play zones for children of different age groups.
  • It should promote a stress-free state of mind, so children can happily engage in all types of playful activities that improve their wellbeing.

Creating a Natural Outdoor Play Area

People typically design natural outdoor play areas with materials like rocks, trees, sand, mud, and plants. You can also use other elements in conjunction with nature to create beautiful and challenging play areas. A landscape artist will be able to bring to life any boring area by adding new elements like caves or waterfalls to pre-existing elements.

A small garden patch in one corner of the play area could teach children more about growing their own food. You could also add walking trails, climbing walls and xylophones made out of wood. These elements give children a sense of adventure and encourage them to explore different sounds.

Sustainable playgrounds made with natural materials leave less of a carbon footprint. They may cost as much as traditional playgrounds but they offer more value in terms of play. They also have better learning opportunities in comparison to manufactured playgrounds.

Do you Need a Lot of Space?

You don’t need a big piece of land to set up a natural outdoor play area. If you plan well and look for inspiration, you can create an exciting and inviting playground for any age group. If you lack space, create a simple water play area by filling a few water containers with enough water to keep tiny hands busy.

Fill buckets with pebbles of different shapes and sizes. Use them to teach children to count and sort items of the same size. Another great idea is to plant a vertical garden to make optimal use of space.

Playground Design in Auckland

Do you require help creating a natural play area? Get in touch with the professionals at Paradise Landscapes. With green thumbs and artistic designs, we convert any outdoor area into sustainable childcare adventure spaces. We also offer professional residential and commercial landscape designs.


If you’re ever looking for an impressive garden design in Auckland, give us a call on (09) 294-6413 or use our online contact form to get in touch with us.

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