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Shannon - Paradise Landscapes

5 Plants That Will Transform Your Garden

For some homeowners, the garden is an extension of their creativity. For others, it is an essential part of the home. To keep your garden in pristine condition, it’s important to maintain and refresh it regularly. And no matter how much love your garden receives, it can always benefit from a new makeover.

Here are 5 plants to consider when you want to transform your garden.

  1. Fruit Trees

Beautiful and elegant, fruit trees are a staple of any great garden. With a little tender loving care, you can literally enjoy the fruits of your labour in no time. The most common fruit trees that are grown in backyards are:

  • Citrus – lemon, lime orange and grapefruit
  • Apple
  • Fig
  • Apricot
  • Plum

Fruit trees look great in the warmer months and they provide much-needed shade and oxygen for gardens. Fruit that goes bad can even be used as compost, meaning less waste from your garden and more nutrients for your soil.

  1. Native Trees

New Zealand is home to some of the most beautiful native trees in the world. If you are looking to transform your garden with trees, look no further than the locals. There are several trees to choose from, including:

  • Cabbage tree (tikouka)
  • Lacebark
  • Horoeka or Lancewood
  • New Zealand Christmas tree

There many other varieties of tree that you could add to your garden. If you want to learn more, speak to your local landscape gardeners in Auckland.

  1. Grasses

A good quality lawn is something most homeowners pride themselves on. Add some variety to your lawn with these New Zealand natives:

  • Snow Tussock Grass
  • New Zealand Flax
  • New Zealand Iris

These grasses are colourful and perfect for any garden design. Native grass is easy to maintain and works in tandem with other plants in your garden.

  1. Ferns

New Zealand’s tree ferns are unique and they form a distinguishing part of our country’s native flora. They also make up an essential part of garden landscaping in Auckland and the surrounds. Planted in groups, ferns really help your garden to come to life. Black tree fern (Cyathea medullaris) is the most common, but there are many others out there. Silver and crown ferns are also unique and complement any plant in the garden.

  1. Shrubs

The largest group of New Zealand native plants, there is no shortage of shrubs to choose from. Most varieties of shrubs can retain their leaves all year round, too. Why not enhance your garden this evergreen option?

  • Koromiko
  • Weeping Matipou
  • Pepper wood
  • New Zealand scented broom

Shrubs are not only easy to maintain, they will add the finishing touches to your garden. New Zealand is truly blessed with fantastic flora, so why not invest in some for your garden?


As a professional landscape gardener in Auckland, Paradise Landscapes are passionate about plants. We pride ourselves on delivering the best service for our customers. If you would like to learn more about our landscaping services, get in touch with us today. Talk to our team for assistance with all your gardening needs.

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